It Only Gets Darker

by The Pandys

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released December 27, 2014

Bass - Dave Daniele
Violin - Neall Gleason
Cello - Ashley Colby
Guitar/Vocals - Nick Adkins
Guest Vocals - Dana Delgado, Sean Gleason
Guitar, Drums, Banjo, Accordion, Keys, Vocals - Andy Maitland

Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Andy Maitland



all rights reserved


The Pandys Detroit, Michigan

We like jokes and games.

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Track Name: Die Alone
I was waiting for you on the edge of night
As I left another state behind
The wind was howling down the empty road
But I don't want to go through this world alone
I just don't want to go through this world alone

And the hole that I watched swallow up the ocean
Now was tearing through the earth
I'm not brave for being outspoken
I'm just a fool like everybody else
I'm a fool just like everybody else

I've been thinking about burning down my house
Cut all the strings that hold me down
Disappear forever and forget my home
But I don't want to go through this world alone
I just don't want to go through this world alone

All I wanted was an answer
That I knew I'd never find
I'm not brave for talking about failures
I'm just a fool like everybody else
I'm a fool just like everybody else
Track Name: Another Wasted Year
I came home drunk again
It's the only way I sleep
It's the only way I keep from breaking down
I tried giving up again
I just couldn't follow through
I can never seem to finish what I've started

What the hell am I doing here?
Stuck at the tail end of another wasted year
Someone tell me what the point is
Because it all seems pretty pointless here

I went broke again
Spending all my cash
On theses things that wouldn't last
That would get me wasted
But it's ok
I can throw my life away
I don't give a damn even if I make it
Track Name: Faith
I cut out my eyes
And threw them to the past
Just to try
To see the point I missed
The banker keeps on calling
But I ain't got no cash

I'm not sure of anything I hope for
I doubt everything I see
I'm not trying to move any mountains
I'm just trying to move my feet

I threw out my pride
I really didn't care
Well I've tried
to overcome my fears
But they press down on my shoulders
They crawl under my clothes

How the hell am I supposed to live like this?
This isn't the way I thought it'd be
Track Name: Cynic
My feet were cold
And the night was an empty promise
That the next day would come
That there'd even be an end to all this darkness
So I held out my hand
Waiting for yours to come and take it
And lead me back home
Because I was so lost
My eyes were vacant

Maybe there's nothing left for me to understand
All I do is chase after the wind
The moments come and go like a passing glance
But I don't see a thing

My hands were shaking
From every thought that I tried to bury
And I could hardly breathe
From burdens I can't lift but still need to carry
So I yelled to the trees
I screamed out my questions
This life is just a reprieve
And I'm just waiting for my sentence

Maybe there's nothing here for me to understand
In a world that's so profoundly meaningless
We're all just wasting time until it ends
Or we begin again

So call me a cynic
Call me a liar
Say whatever makes this world seem a little brighter
Maybe I'm pessimistic
No, I think I'm just tired
But it's hard to believe it gets any better
Track Name: Bloodless
I've been running across the rooftops of my mind
While a cold wind blows and lightning strikes
It's a vicious game to try not to be found
It chills me to the bone
It's burning me alive

You wouldn't know that I was dying
Until you've seen my wounds exposed
So I'm keeping anyone from getting close
I'll split myself in pieces
Just to keep from being known
Now I'm looking for a place to keep my blood

It's coming to the darkest part of night
Where the things I don't like telling come to light
It could be easier to keep it all inside
It's soaking through my clothes
It's flowing out my eyes
Track Name: Drinking Song (Party 1)
My feet were in shackles
I was tearing my clothes
As I tried to break free from the chains
I watched all I worked for
Turn into smoke
And the wind came and took it away

The skies they grew darker
And it started to rain
So I headed on into the bar
Looking for shelter
A place to escape
And find rest for my weary heart
Track Name: Drinking Song (Party 2)
The kids were out back
They were all getting stoned
In the alley outside of the bar
The old folks were laughing
At the bartenders jokes
Just trying to forget who they are

My eyes they were heavy
My heart was a stone
They were kicking me out to the street
But before I am leaving
I'll take one for the road
And two before I fall asleep
Track Name: Past Myself
I was fast asleep
Lost inside a dream
With everything I love
This stupid life I've made
Well I've got time
To burn it to the ground

It's not a question of how
We see the way that we see
The glass half-empty or full
Just doesn't matter to me
Because I'd still have time
To turn it upside down

If I could just get past myself
I could be ok

What if I had it all
All that I wanted and need
I can't get too comfortable
I can't get used to those things
Because I'd still have time
To blow it all to hell
Track Name: Tyrant
Days are ticking away
Pulling me up to the edge of my grave
And I'm crippled by the weight
Of mistakes that I'm forced to relive everyday

Because time is a ruthless tyrant
Her hands clasped around my throat
I've nothing left
No strength to fight with
So I close my eyes and just let it go

I feel I'm slipping away
The tears flow in rhythm with the blood in my veins
I try so hard to escape
My lips on the bottle
An attempt to erase

I thought I was living the life that I wanted
But I just don't know anymore
Because heartbreak and loneliness
Were all that I got
And it seems they're taking their toll
Track Name: Fate
There's a ghost that's haunting my bedroom
Of the man I thought I could be
I once believed I was born for great things
But I pissed it all away
(Now what am I going to do?)

It's like a cancer to the brain
It keeps wasting me away
Is it just a phase
Is it just a game
Or is it just my fate?
Was it all just a mistake
A stupid choice that someone made
Or is it just my fate?

And the night comes down hard like a hammer
As I nurse this sickness I keep
Because I am a mess of a miserable man
And the ghost won't let me sleep
(Now what am I going to do?)
Track Name: The Weight
The darkness takes my eyes
It overwhelms the light
And leaves me shaking in my skin
The love and hate collide
The joy and pain subside
And leave me left with nothingness

I don't feel it growing colder
I don't feel anything at all
Just the weight of every failure
That's crushing all my bones
And I can't change my perspective
I can't change anything at all
I can't be a better person
But I swear it's not my fault

The demons in my head
Are scaring me to death
They scrape and claw at every seam
Their speech is poisonous
It's seeping through my skin
And I'm left begging for relief

It's the weight of every failure
That's crushing all my bones