Bad Church

by The Pandys

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released December 26, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andy Maitland



all rights reserved


The Pandys Detroit, Michigan

We like jokes and games.

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Track Name: Sweet and Miserable
I've become another played out parable
The lost son, the rich fool
And I don't know where to go
'cause I'm still so far from home

So I got drunk in the morning sun
I wanted something sweet, something miserable
Something to believe
'cause I'm running out of steam

I need some kind of peace
I want to be released
From the grips of this hell
"cause I want to believe
I want to believe in myself

I tried to find a meaning to my life
A reason to breath, to live or die
But it all felt so small
It meant nothing at all
Track Name: Bend and Break
There's no escaping
There's no running away
You either burn in the fire
Or you drown in the waves
And no one is special
No one is safe
We're all gonna bend
We're all gonna break

So I'll wait as the waves come crashing down
And let the fire (let it) burn right through my doubt
'cause I stand on holy ground

You're gonna wrestle with failure
There's gonna be pain
Just let your mistakes all be washed in the rain
No one is different
We're all the same
We're all gonna bend
We're all gonna break

We're gonna rise again
So put down your burdens
Lift up your head
You're not so worthless
We're gonna see the end
So put all your fears to rest

And just wait
As the waves come crashing down
And let the fire (let it) burn right through your doubt
'cause we're standing on holy ground
And we're gonna make it out
Track Name: Sanctuary
Hiding from all my mistakes
It's who I am when I'm afraid
Throwing everything away
It's what I did when I was young
It's what I do everyday

The feeling never goes away
I need a sanctuary
Somewhere to hide my face
And bars make better churches most days
I'd rather spend my time with honest sinners
Than self-righteous sunday-saints

Ignoring everyone I love
It's what I do when I'm alone

Do You only hear me when I pray
Or were you listening when I said "I don't need You"
(I'd never say that to Your face)
Because I've been drunk the last three days
Tell me that I still could rise again
Tell me it's not too late
Because I've been locked outside the chapel
Trying to find my way back in
I feel so distant from my family
Like I'm losing all my friends
And if You say there's no condition
I'll just do the best I can
But if You love me when I'm sober
Would You still love me when I'm fucked up and full of shit
Track Name: Change
I have a pride I can't swallow
I have a guilt I can't shake
I gave up on believing that tomorrow
Is ever gonna be a better day

I'm the one that needs to change
I fight it everyday

I have a heart that is hollow
A thorn that's buried in my brain
And I live with a sorrow
That I cannot explain
Track Name: New City
We've gotta build a new city
We've gotta turn it around
We've gotta build a new city
'cause we burned this one to the ground
If we're gonna rise from the ashes
We've gotta do it ourselves
We've gotta build a new city
'cause we burned this one to the ground

Open your eyes
The streets are bleeding out all the life
And there's not much worth fighting for
So let it fall
Let it all come crashing down
We don't need it anymore
Track Name: Idiot
It's gonna be another long night
It's gonna be another hard day
I always wake up way too early
I always stay up way too late
Tried to put up a strong fight
But I'm running out of things to say
To convince myself it's worth it
To believe that I'll ever change

Maybe I'm an idiot
I know that I'm a hypocrite
It just all seems so ridiculous most days
But I need something positive
'cause I'm not much of an optimist
It's the only thing that's keeping me sane
And it drives me crazy
(and it drives me)

It's another soft lie
It's another blank face
I always choke on my emotions
I never know just what to say
It's another fake smile
It's another wasted day
I always drink away my feelings
I never learn from my mistakes
Track Name: Honesty
I feel like I've been blinded
Another lost pathetic soul
Though I tried so hard to hide it
I just couldn't find the hope

Honestly, I think I know everything

So I'm ripping out the pages
That cluttered up my soul
And I can feel the winds of changes
Coming to take me home

I've been told of joy unending
But I still have yet to find it
I hold the same sick sadness
And waste away inside its silence
(and I'm still wasting away)
Track Name: Shivers
I fell asleep on the banks of the river
To bathe myself in the light of the dawn
Shortness of breath
My spine sending shivers
As I woke in the rain
With the night hanging on

All I asked was for one more chance
To bury my past
And forget who I am
'cause I'm so tired of trying
Tired of doing all I can
I'm so tired of dying

I gave in as the water rose higher
And I went down, in the current was lost
Felt the cold of the flood rushing over
And took the water
Down deep in my lungs
Track Name: Holy Hell
I went down and sat by the well
I was begging for a drink
That life-giving bread and the water You said
Would make me never thirst again

Then I lifted my head to the sky and I said
"Where are You now?"
Because I could see
Through the lies and the greed
That You were nowhere to be found

It's taught me all I need
To become another pharisee
Anchored in a sea of disbelief just to fade away
But I wanted more than this
Not some dishonest trick
A blind faith 'cause I just didn't want to die afraid
Oh, I've lost myself
In this holy hell

I've given praise
I've begged and I've prayed
I just couldn't feel a thing
I've tried every way
I've read every page
I just can't understand how

I need amazing grace
I need that sound so sweet (so sweet)
I once was lost
And I'm still lost
I haven't seen a goddamn thing
Track Name: Hallelujah
A shadow clings to my back
And haunts me at every step
I can't lose it
It follows me home
And holds fast to my bones
The dark cold and alone

So I walk to the end of the night
Where darkness is split by the light
It fills up my senses
It cuts like a knife
And I'll be found
Facedown and bleeding out
No one will be surprised
No one will notice
So I'm gonna live
Like death's an illusion
Like it all makes sense
And I meant every breath

And the drunks in the back of the bar
Sing like a ramshackle choir
"Hallelujah! We're all gonna die!"
And oh, it won't be long
Until we all sing the same song

Because we're all gonna die
We'll all be forgotten
So let's live
Like death's an illusion
Like it all made sense
And we've meant every breath
We can pretend