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released June 9, 2017

Andy Maitland - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Adkins - Guitar
Dave Daniele - Bass
John Asmar - Drums

Guest Vocals: Sean Gleason, Robert Weber, Rebecca Turner, Neall Gleason

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Andy Maitland
Lyrics by Andy Maitland and Nick Adkins



all rights reserved


The Pandys Detroit, Michigan

We like jokes and games.

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Track Name: A Good Liar
Well maybe I'm just a good liar
It's hard to tell these days
If I set this bridge on fire
I hope I'm dumb enough to be caught
Standing in it's shade

Maybe I could hold a conversation
I'd like to say that I can
But my skin is thin and covered
In lacerations
And it's all so boring
I miss every word that you say

Maybe I'm not like my father
It's hard to tell these days
And maybe we don't belong together
Things could be worse
But, man, things could be better
Track Name: Agree Or Disagree
It's a hard life
Everyone's having the worst time
But you're not blind
You're either ignorant or not trying
If you can't see it

Agree or disagree
It's the same thing
I know that you can't breathe
Stop complaining

So force the next step
It won't get easier, I promise
There's no rest
When every day feels like a bad trip
And you can't stop it

One day when you grow up
You're gonna find that it gets worse
One day when you grow up
You're gonna find that it still hurts
Track Name: Bummer City
I called it off
Because I had the feeling that I'm lost
And I could never pay the cost
Of all the stupid things that I've done wrong

It bums me out

I think about
If I'll stop thinking about myself
If I'll ever make my parents proud
Because I'm so tired of letting everybody down
Track Name: Drunk and Brave
It's a demon on your shoulder
That keeps your mind from rest
When the nights are cold and sober
The beating in your head

I don't think I'm ready
I'd say I am not afraid
But I'm so afraid
Of even picking up my legs
It's not my darkest hour
Just a place that I feel safe
I feel so safe

It's the tension turning over
That tightens around neck
When you brave the lonely silence
With a bottle by your bed

I don't think I'm ready
But I am not afraid
I'm so drunk and brave
I guess I can't complain
It's not my darkest hour
Just a place that I feel safe
I find comfort in the pain
Track Name: Shoot To Kill
Tread lightly
Keep away from the cold stares
The night leaves
A heavy blanket of still air

We're not safe
Until you're lying on the pavement
We're so brave
To take your name and just erase it

We shoot at will
We only shoot to kill

We're angry
You don't deserve what you've been given
We're taking
What we're owed and you'll be the payment

We're not safe
Until we're burning down your city
We're so brave
Self-righteous judgment comes so swiftly

We shoot at will
We only shoot to kill
Track Name: Second Chances
I feel it coming back
But I'm no good at second chances
I left that shit all in the past
(So far behind)
And if I come around again
I'm not taking second glances
If it's out of sight, it's out of mind

I've been through years without a change
I'm feeling every inch my age
But I'm not good
Or better than ok
I've got the wind at my back
And I won't wave that fucking flag
Because I gave up before
And fuck what it stands for

I feel it coming back
But I'm not stopping my advances
I left that shit so far behind
(All in the past)
And i'm not wasting any time
I'll give all that I can give
Each breath I take could be my last
Track Name: Dwell
Nothing I have said or done could be forgiven
Everything is written in stone

I can see you know
But I refuse to learn

I will continue to dwell
I fill you up to bursting
Your arms, your shell

She may grab your hand
And you will fake a smile

I can't say
That any of this makes me think less of you
Because I look at you
And I can see right through
Track Name: Poetry
I used to write poetry
I used to be so deep
But the words I was spewing out
Just an empty and hollow shell
Was that really me?

I used to try so hard
I used to care about sounding smart
Now I just sit here shaking my head like
"Man, was I really that pretentious?"

I guess I used to write poetry
I used to be so deep
Track Name: Sink And Swim
I was spinning in circles
Face down at the bar
Looks like I've hit the wall again
I heard the offer
But I wanted more
Stuck in between the sink and swim

But I should've known better
I should know better

Now everything I try to hold
Just comes and goes
It comes and goes

I felt the warm hands of failure
As my head hit the floor
I think I've shit the bed again
Because I heard the offer
But I wanted more
Stuck in between the sink and swim
Track Name: The Sun Is Out
Oh well, the sun is out
This winter has been long as hell
Feels good to have my arms bare
Forgot what the fuss was all about
But I get it now

There's so much beauty in all you have
You're too damn lucky to be this sad
It's not fair, but you say it doesn't matter at all
Because no one is singing along

And the light is hard to see
When no one is singing your melody

It's easy to lash out
I'd like to tear you down
It's so easy to cop out
You can only blame yourself
Track Name: We're Hammond People Now
Dad handed me a bottle
Said, "this is for the way
I know you won't be safe
But try to learn from your mistakes"

Live fast
Die faster
I'm scared
I'm gonna live forever

So we took to the road
Just looking for some peace
Hiding from attention
In every bar we'd see

The moon in the morning sky
Whispers softly in my ear
"We are brothers, you and I
We don't belong here"